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Table 2 Up-regulated expressed genes in transgenic stem mustard observed in this study

From: Mitochondrially-targeted expression of a cytoplasmic male sterility-associated orf220 gene causes male sterility in Brassica juncea

Gene ID Gene Description Fold
At2g02930 glutathione S-transferase, putative/glutathione S-transferase, putative 3.03
At2g20900 diacylglycerol kinase, putative 2.14
At1g78000 sulfate transporter (Sultr1;2) 2.11
At1g32780 alcohol dehydrogenase, putative 2
At1g14420 pectate lyase family protein 2.12
At1g52940 calcineurin-like phosphoesterase family protein 2.11
At1g12240 beta-fructosidase (BFRUCT4)/beta-fructofuranosidase/invertase, vacuolar 2.04
At3g14450 RNA-binding protein, putative 2.28
At3g19090 RNA-binding protein, putative 2.21
At4g25100 superoxide dismutase (Fe), chloroplast (SODB)/iron superoxide dismutase (FSD1) 2.57
At4g39940 adenylylsulfate kinase 2 (AKN2) 2.06
At3g61890 homeobox-leucine zipper protein 12 (HB-12)/HD-ZIP transcription factor 12 2.13
At5g12000 protein kinase family protein 2.48
At5g25560 zinc finger (C3HC4-type RING finger) family protein 2.31
At5g20710 beta-galactosidase, putative/lactase, putative 2.11
At4g15530 pyruvate phosphate dikinase family protein 2.67