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Table 1 Haplotype analysis at Mlo.

From: Novel induced mlo mutant alleles in combination with site-directed mutagenesis reveal functionally important domains in the heptahelical barley Mlo protein

SSR/MITE marker 1 Barley line
  cv. Ingrid Backcross Ingrid mlo-1 mlo-1 (cv. Haisa) RAH4124
2259 (SSR) (G)11 + CC G TT (G)11 + CC A TT (G)11 + CC A TT (G)11 + CC A TT
4264 (SSR) (G)13 (G)12 (G)12 (G)12
4801 (SSR) (TA)7 (TA)7 (TA)7 (TA)7
7646 (MITE) No polymorphism No polymorphism. No polymorphism. No polymorphism
  1. 1 for identity of markers and primers used, see Methods