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Table 2 System main modules

From: P-TRAP: a Panicle Trait Phenotyping tool

Module Description Type
ImageProcessor Core image processing tasks Core
MathProcessor Basic mathematical tasks required by other modules Core
SkeletonProcessor Skeleton-related tasks Core
GraphProcessor Performs the graph tasks Core
ParitcelProcessor Particles processing and quantification Core
RiceProjectType Manages the rice project folders and files GUI
RiceOptions Manages the application options and the algorithm parameters GUI
WidgetFactory Responsible for creating user friendly widgets for elegant user interactions GUI
WorkSpace The main module for connecting the user commands and the core modules Link
ReportProcessor Generates the reports Core
FileProcessor Manages the file system Core
  1. The main P-TRAP system modules differ depending on the task performed and on user visibility. The three main modules are core: performs an internal task, GUI: manages and produces visual components, and link: links two or more modules or the user’s commands and the core system modules.