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Figure 1

From: Functional analysis of the omega-6 fatty acid desaturase (CaFAD2) gene family of the oil seed crop Crambe abyssinica

Figure 1

Relative expression levels of CaFAD2 gene family members in the seeds of T 1 plants of C. abyssinica . Six T1 plants (WG4-3, WG4-4, WG4-5, WG19-4, WG19-5 and WG19-6) and a control (CTRL) were measured. Qantitification was performed by qPCR for bulk seeds (five to ten, 20 DAP) of each plant. The relative expression levels in the seeds of T1 plants were calculated with 2^-∆∆Ct method using β-ACT2 as a reference gene.

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