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Table 1 Similarity between the Arabidopsis GX synthesis proteins and their respective Arabidopsis and Physcomitrella homologs

From: Partial functional conservation of IRX10 homologs in physcomitrella patens and Arabidopsis thalianaindicates an evolutionary step contributing to vascular formation in land plants

Arabidopsisprotein vs. gene model ClustalW identity score(%)
AtIRX10-L (At5g61840) AtIRX10 (At1g27440) 86.17
  PpGT47A (Pp1s7_455V6) 75.75
AtIRX10 (At1g27440) AtIRX10-L (At5g61840) 86.17
  PpGT47A (Pp1s7_455V6) 76.39
AtFRA8 (At2g28110) AtF8H (At5g22940) 57.81
  Pp1s315_20V6.1 45.31
  Pp1s217_58V6.1 48.33
  Pp1s13_216V6.1 45.98
AtF8H (At5g22940) AtFRA8 (At2g28110) 57.81
  Pp1s315_20V6.1 43.07
  Pp1s217_58V6.1 47.86
  Pp1s13_216V6.1 43.92
AtIRX9 (At2g37090) AtIRX9-L (At1g27600) 29.06
  Pp1s52_108V6.1 29.06
  Pp1s1_540V6.1 27.92
AtIRX9-L (At1g27600) AtIRX9 (At2g37090) 29.06
  Pp1s52_108V6.1 44.92
  Pp1s1_540V6.1 44.16
AtIRX14 (At4g36890) AtIRX14-L (At5g67230) 61.79
  Pp1s248_13V6.1 29.33
  Pp1s19_221V6.1 27.74
  Pp1s78_128V6.1 30.46
AtIRX14-L (At5g67230) AtIRX14 (At4g36890) 61.79
  Pp1s248_13V6.1 24.80
  Pp1s19_221V6.1 26.83
  Pp1s78_128V6.1 28.17
AtGUX1 (At3g18660) AtGUX2 (At4g33330) 39.60
  Pp1s21_381V6.1 44.75
  Pp1s351_36V6.1 34.05
  Pp1s223_30V6.1 34.35
AtGUX2 (At4g33330) AtGUX1 (At3g18660) 39.60
  Pp1s21_381V6.1 42.93
  Pp1s351_36V6.1 34.23
  Pp1s223_30V6.1 33.05
AtIRX8 No homolog found  
AtPARVUS No obvious homolog found*  
  1. Gene models were considered putative homologs if the Arabidopsis protein that was used for the Blast was the Arabidopsis protein which exhibited most similarity. *Although three Physcomitrella gene models were identified with the corresponding protein exhibiting between 49.57 and 51.57% similarity to PARVUS, the sequences all exhibited stronger homology to at least 10 other Arabidopsis proteins, and were therefore not considered as obvious homologs. (ClustalW).