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Table 1 Inflorescence transcriptome diversity, as measured by MPSS

From: A spatial dissection of the Arabidopsis floral transcriptome by MPSS

Floral Strain or Tissue Total Distinct Expressed Genesa Inflorescence Enriched (%)b Undetected within Leaf or Root (%)c
wild type 14,338 49.46 12.63
apetala 1 14,918 47.51 13.38
apetala 3 14,431 51.74 10.61
agamous 12,026 50.19 7.93
sup/ap1 12,505 55.53 10.97
Ovule 10,897 58.97 9.65
  1. a MPSS signatures within exons, within 500 bp of an annotated gene, in an intron, and overlapping an exon-intron splice boundary were quantified and "insignificant" signatures in only one sequencing library and those signatures corresponding to multiple regions of the genome were removed to demarcate gene expression.
  2. b Enrichment within the inflorescence signifies only those genes expressed at >4 TPM within the inflorescence. Moreover, only those genes whose expression in root or leaf tissue was less than expression within the mutant inflorescence were considered inflorescence-enriched.
  3. c Genes with TPM >0 in MPSS root and leaf libraries were subtracted from each floral library to assess inflorescence-specificity.