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Fig. 4

From: Transposable elements, mRNA expression level and strand-specificity of small RNAs are associated with non-additive inheritance of gene expression in hybrid plants

Fig. 4

Sense strand sRNAs are not canonical small interfering RNA. a Comparison of sRNA size distribution for highly expressed (RPK > 1000) and lower expressed genes (RPK < 1000). b Distribution of sRNA size for genes with predominantly (>90 %) sssRNA and genes with less than 90 % of sRNA from the sense strand. c Distribution of sRNA size for genes with different mRNA inheritance patterns. d mRNA half-life for genes with different percentages of sssRNA. Error bars represent the standard deviation of four biological replicates. RPK = normalized mRNA read counts per kb. HP, high-parent; LP, low-parent; LPMP, between LP and MP; MP, mid-parent; sRNA: small RNA

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