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Fig. 2

From: Genome-wide association mapping for root traits in a panel of rice accessions from Vietnam

Fig. 2

Circle of correlations for a PCA conducted on the whole panel and 18 traits. LLGTH = longest leaf length; TIL = number of tillers; SDW = shoot dry weight; DEPTH = deepest point reached by roots; MRL = maximum root length; NCR = number of crown roots; NR_T = number of crown root per tiller; THK = root thickness; DW0020 = root mass in the 00-20 cm segment; DW2040 = root mass in the 20-40 cm segment; DW4060 = root mass in the 40-60 cm segment; DWB60 = root mass below 60 cm; DRW = deep root mass (<40 cm) weight; RDW = root dry weight; PDW = plant dry weight, SRP = shallow root proportion (0–20 cm); DRP = deep root proportion (<40 cm); R_S = root to shoot ratio

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