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Table 1 List of traits used in this study along with their acronyms

From: Genome-wide association mapping of soybean chlorophyll traits based on canopy spectral reflectance and leaf extracts

Data analysis Acronym References
Extraction and spectrophotometric measurements
 Chlorophyll a eChl_A Lichtenthaler 1987
 Chlorophyll b eChl_B Lichtenthaler 1987
 Total Chlorophyll eChl_T Lichtenthaler 1987
 Chlorophyll a/b ratio eChl_R Lichtenthaler 1987
Canopy spectral reflectance based measurements
 Wavelet transformed spectral reflectance of total chlorophyll tChl_T Singh et al. 2013
Literature-based canopy spectral reflectance measurements
 Spectral total chlorophyll index iChl_T Gitelson et al. 2005