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Table 5 Gene hits of marker-trait association (MTAs) regions identified with basic local alignment search tool (BLAST) and their annotation with high confidence by IWGSC assembly BLASTX (NCBI BLAST)

From: Genome-wide association studies of seven agronomic traits under two sowing conditions in bread wheat

Trait Loci Gene hit protein aE-value b%ID Protein annotation
GNS (LS) S2A_1050029 TraesCS2B02G020100 681aa 3.90E-15 97 Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase; L-Aspartase-like
PH (LS) S2A_748204192 TraesCS2D02G532600 776aa 1.90E-06 95 Tetratricopepetide-like helical domain superfamily
TraesCS2D02G532100 772aa 1.90E-06 95 Pentatricopeptide repeat
DH (LS) S5B_586352552 TraesCS5B02G410800 928aa 8.80E-15 100 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor
Winged helix DNA-binding domain superfamily
Proteasome component (PCI) domain
TraesCS5A02G406000 923aa 8.80E-15 100
TraesCS5D02G416000 927aa 3.10E-14 97
TraesCS5B02G219100 928aa 5.80E-14 94
TraesCS5A02G220000 928aa 5.80E-14 94
TraesCS5D02G228100 928aa 5.80E-14 94
GNS (NS) S5D_503657305 TraesCS5D02G459800 252aa 3.60E-12 92 helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain
GY (NS) S6A_340738287 TraesCS1A02G176100 599aa 1.00E-10 96 Coiled-coils
DH (LS) S7A_3066534 TraesCS7A02G023900 333aa 2.80E-07 100 PTHR 44519
   TraesCS4A02G466400 381aa 3.30E-17 97 F-box-like domain superfamily
DH (NS) S7D_6002850 TraesCS7D02G013900 220aa 3.10E-04 100 Tansmembrane helices; Coild-coils
  1. Trait legends are same as in Table 1; a. E-value: Expect value; b. %ID: Similarity percentage by which sequences are related