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Table 5 t-tests for the comparison of mean disease index of the resistance to FCR in UP population

From: Investigation and genome-wide association study for Fusarium crown rot resistance in Chinese common wheat

QTL Present/Absent a Number ZZ1 ZZ2 ZMD1 ZMD2 Mean
QFCR.heau-2A Present 46 37.72b 37.60b 37.69b -c 37.67b
Absent 101 42.58a 41.84a 41.81a 42.08a
QFCR.heau-2D Present 55 37.35b 36.12b 36.09b 36.51b
Absent 57 41.91a 41.53a 41.54a 41.66a
QFCR.heau-6A Present 62 36.92b 37.14b 37.1b 37.28b 37.11b
Absent 65 41.69a 41.54a 41.78a 41.83a 41.71a
QFCR.heau-(2A + 2D + 6A) b Present 5 35.29b 33.77b 34.22b 35.39b 34.67b
Absent 20 47.79a 48.86a 48.99a 44.12a 47.44a
  1. aThe QTL present superior effect (present) or inferior effect (absent)
  2. bThe materials confer the three QTL at the same time
  3. cThe QTL not detected in the environment