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Table 1 Mean values, standard deviations (SD) and minimum and maximum values of the phenotypic traits used in this study

From: Genome-wide association study (GWAS) for morphological and yield-related traits in an oil palm hybrid (Elaeis oleifera x Elaeis guineensis) population

CategoryTraitAbbreviationUnitMeanSDMinimum valueMaximum value
MorphologicalTrunk DiameterTDcm88.56.062.4102.0
Trunk HeightHTcm250.329.5133.3327.0
Rachis LengthRLcm421.535.3275.5530.0
Leaf Dry WeightLDWkg2.
Foliar AreaFAm2385.078.2141.3617.1
Leaf AreaLAm28.61.34.712.7
Leaflet per LeafLXLunit234.814.8184.0294.0
YieldBunch WeightBWkg6.
Bunch NumberBNunit8.
Yield per PalmYieldkg56.539.11.8233.0