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Table 3 Salt induced cis– acting regulatory elements identified in the promoter regions of the functional TaHKT2;1 genes

From: Characterization of the multigene family TaHKT 2;1 in bread wheat and the role of gene members in plant Na+ and K+status

Cis-regulatory element Conserved sequence motif Gene Associated families of salt-stress activated TFs Reference
ABRE ACGTGG/T TaHKT2;1 7AL-1(1) AREB/ABF (ABA responsive element- binding proteins) [26]
TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(1) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(5)
AtMYC2 CACATG TaHKT2;1 7AL-1(1) TaHKT2;1 7BL-1(2) TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(3) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(5) MYC/MYB (myelocytomatosis/myeloblastosis) [27]
DRE/CRT CCCGAC TaHKT2;1 7AL-1(1) TaHKT2;1 7BL-1(2) TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(1) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(1) CBF/DREB (C-repeat binding factor/dehydration- responsive element-binding proteins) [28]
MYCATERD1 CATGTG TaHKT2;1 7AL-1(3) TaHKT2;1 7BL-1(2) TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(3) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(4) plant specific family of TFs, NAC (No apical meristem) [29]
GT-1 box GAAAAA TaHKT2;1 7BL-1(10) TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(4) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(12) Trihelix family, also known as GT factors [30]
W-Box TTTGACY TaHKT2;1 7AL-1(12) TaHKT2;1 7BL-1(10) TaHKT2;1 7BL-2(10) TaHKT2;1 7DL-1(10) WRKY transcription factors [31]
  1. The number of each element in the promoter represented in each gene is shown in parenthesis.