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Table 4 Percentage of cold stress related sequences in different UniGene sets. UniGene specifies the different UniGene sets, which were: AsCI, Avena sativa cold induced; AsNI, Avena sativa non-induced; TaCI, Triticum aestivum cold induced; HvCI Hordeum vulgare cold induced. Amount, refers to the number of sequences that were analysed. In CSDB, indicates how many of the total genes that also were present in the collection of cold stress related genes. Cold related (%), gives the percentage of genes in each set that were cold stress related.

From: Generation and analysis of 9792 EST sequences from cold acclimated oat, Avena sativa

UniGene Amount In CSDB Cold related (%)
AsCI 2800 398 14.2
AsNI 1445 74 5.1
TaCI 2894 277 9.6
HvCI 3932 437 11.1