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Figure 5

From: The redox-sensitive transcription factor Rap2.4a controls nuclear expression of 2-Cys peroxiredoxin A and other chloroplast antioxidant enzymes

Figure 5

(A) Transcript abundance of 2CPA and RAP2.4a as analysed by RT-PCR with gene specific primers from cDNA samples standardized on actin-2 transcript amounts in leaf slices of 3 week old Arabidopsis plants in response to 4h treatment with 10 mM H2O2 and 50 mM ascorbate and in 10 day old seedlings grown on MS-medium supplemented with sucrose (Suc) and sorbitol (Sor) as indicated. (B) RT-PCR with gene specific primers was performed with cDNA of wild-type plants and the T-DNA-insertion line Rap2.4a-KO in samples standardized on actin-2 transcript amounts. Half of the leaf slices were treated with 50 mM ascorbate for 4 h. (C) RT-PCR analysis of selected genes with gene specific primers in Arabidopsis wild-type plants and Rap2.4a-KO in actin-2 normalized samples. The numbers give the transcript level relative to the control, which was set as 100.

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