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Table 1 Values of model parameters

From: Modeling the vacuolar storage of malate shed lights on pre- and post-harvest fruit acidity

Parameter Value Unit Description Origin
  IDN PJB PL    
pHcyt 7 Unit pH Cytosolic pH Literature
(Mal2− cyt) 0.001 mol L−1 Cytosolic activity of the di-anion malate Literature
n0 4 dimensionless Parameters to calculate the coupling ratio of the proton pump Literature
α 0.3 dimensionless Literature
β −0.12 dimensionless Literature
ΔGATP −36.9103 −39.1103 −47.4103 J mol−1 Free energy of ATP hydrolysis during banana growth Estimated
G1 75 69 110 J mol−1 day−2 Parameters to calculate ΔGATP as a function of the number of days after ethylene treatment during banana post-harvest ripening Estimated
G2 −1176 −1108 −1959 J mol day−1 Estimated
G3 −45.2103 −48.9103 −46.3103 J mol−1 Estimated