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Table 1 Rating system for apical dominance (branchiness)

From: Timing of shoot development transitions affects degree of perenniality in Arabidopsis lyrata (Brassicaceae)

Rating Description
1 All visible rosette leaves are primary leaves (on main stem, not emerging from lateral shoots). All newer leaves (not fully elongated yet) are attached above the older, fully-elongated leaves. Primary shoot apex is obvious and dominant, and the leaves extend horizontally from it.
2 Some leaves emerging from lateral shoots are visible but are much smaller than fully-elongated primary leaves. Some newer leaves are obviously attached below larger leaves on main stem. Primary shoot apex is obvious and still clearly dominant over lateral vegetative shoots.
3 Leaves from lateral shoots are apparent, and some may be difficult to distinguish from primary leaves. The primary shoot apex is still apparent but is losing its dominance, and some lateral shoots are nearly as vigorous as the main shoot. The vegetative crown is beginning to acquire a bushy form, with many leaves in a vertical orientation.
4 Many lateral shoot leaves are nearly as large as the primary leaves. The primary and lateral shoot apices are becoming difficult to distinguish, though larger primary leaves produced earlier may still be apparent on the lower part of the plant. The vegetative has a bushy form, with leaves extending at all angles.
5 The primary and lateral shoots can no longer be distinguished. All fully-elongated leaves are relatively compact. The vegetative crown has a dense cushiony appearance, with leaves extending at all angles.