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Table 1 The characteristics of MAPKK genes in grapevine

From: Cloning, molecular and functional characterization by overexpression in Arabidopsis of MAPKK genes from grapevine (Vitis vinifera)

NameGene model nameChromosomal localizationAA lengthGene lengthMW (KD)PI
VvMKK1VIT_09s0018g01820chr9:19257820–19,263,7044205885 bp46.819.50
VvMKK2VIT_11s0016g01770chr11: 1417490–1,424,3683546879 bp39.156.00
VvMKK3VIT_11s0016g02970chr11: 2377706–2,381,3063543601 bp39.856.02
VvMKK4VIT_14s0066g00670chr14: 27139067–27,144,9495185883 bp57.485.56
VvMKK5VIT_17s0000g01970chr17:1537383–1,538,5513141169 bp34.946.55
  1. Columns 1–7 contain the protein acronym (Name), Vitis proteome Gene model name, chromosome location (Chr), protein length (Amino acid length), gene length, estimates of molecular weight (MW), and isoelectric point of the protein (PI) for each MAPKK (Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase) gene are given